November 25, 2007

The new Realm of the Sphinx (revisited)

Remember last time when I showed you that claustrophobic and somehow cosy new room of mine about a year ago? Yes, well.. Lately I did silently move to a bigger and better place, however there's another reason why I'm posting this: This site is no more!
Instead, you can visit the new Realm of the Sphinx right here:

Yep, I'm packing up and leaving to a new internet home. The reason why I moved to wordpress isn't because I hate blogger. In fact, blogger is still a very good service that I'd still gladly recommend to others, it's just that wordpress might be more suitable in serving my needs. And the good (or maybe not?) news is, all the old posts and comments are imported and saved there.

This time I've chosen a lightweight and less depressive theme, because all the others didn't really appeal to me. Feel free to send in your gratitude for saving your eyes from even more strain, or to yell at me for causing you to throw up, whichever happens first.

This blog will stay up here for everyone who happens to only have the old link, but don't forget to update your bookmarks and feeds (if you have any). Probably all the old posts will be gone here by now, and comments disabled on this one.

So see you there!

The Sphinx